FoxNews Todd Starnes Defends Mikey Weinstein

As highlighted by the ever-vigilant Right Wing Watch, Fox News commentator Todd Starnes called into a radio program hosted by Rick Wiles to talk about the whiteboard incident at USAFA.  Like many people, Wiles expressed frustration with Weinstein, leading to this:

You know what Mikey Weinstein needs? I’ll say this on my radio show, I can get away with it: he really needs to be met in a dark alley by a couple of special forces commandos and given an attitude adjustment…I’m fed up with that guy.

Starnes responded with principle: 

I have to really incredibly object to that… this is a free country and individuals are allowed to voice their opinions of whether or not they agree or disagree and they should be able to do so without any threat of violence or force…

Despite disagreeing with Weinstein’s vitriolic demands, Starnes defends his right to make them. That is a principled stand.  Starnes then clarifies what many have said:  The issue isn’t Weinstein — its how the Air Force responds to him [emphasis added]:

The issue here is not Mr. Weinstein and, again, we should live in a country where people can express their views without any threat of violence. The issue here is the Air Force Academy and this idea that they kowtow to ever single telephone call they receive from him.

Ironically, that principled stand is something Weinstein himself has declined to uphold.  In fact, his conduct has been more like Wiles, as he has threatened or implied violence against many with whom he has disagreed.

American citizens are free to speak and attempt to influence their government.  How the government responds to each citizen — that is a relevant issue.