Former Korean Soldier Speaks at Austin Prayer Breakfast

Sung Joon Jang is a faculty member at Baylor University and was the featured speaker at the Austin, TX, Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. He grew up in his native Korea, where he fulfilled his mandatory military service:

“My dad was an atheist…and since I was young, I heard, ‘There is no God,’ and that religion was for feeble-minded people – at best,” Jang told the audience.

But his conversion to Christianity came while serving his country.

“My conversion happened in the military,” Jang said of his mandatory service in the Korean Army. A fellow military member approached him and asked him whether he had read the Bible.

He said he had responded, “I will read the Bible and tell you what’s wrong with the Bible…”

Jang said he read the New Testament and the Old Testament, finding inspiration in both, especially the Gospel of John and the Apostle Paul’s writings.

“By grace, God chose me,” Jang said of his increasing spirituality, and then added, “It was a mystery, in many ways. I had been called to be a teacher.”

Jang became a follower of Christ simply because a fellow soldier asked him if he’d read the Bible.

What have you done for Christ’s kingdom today?