USAFA Cadets Lead “Righteous Rebellion”

The Family Research Council had high praise for cadets who “offered a teachable moment of their own” when they hung Bible (and Qur’an) verses on their doors after a Bible verse was pulled down:

Overnight, Scriptures from Philippians 4 to Psalm 28 started appearing up and down dorm hallways on whiteboards — a stealth operation to counter the growing culture of religious oppression.

The FRC notes Michael “Mikey” Weinstein “went into panic mode” when he fired off an email to Academy Superintendent LtGen Michelle Johnson: 

“Congratulations, Michelle!!” Mikey Weinstein fumed, “now you have a revolt on your hands… What are you going to do about this? Will you enforce the [Air Force Code] and the United States Constitution …or will you merely give your usual spineless lip service to it and conveniently look the other way? …Hmmm… let me guess… see you in court.”

(In case there’s any doubt about authenticity, the overuse of ellipses is Weinstein’s trademark.)

More importantly, the FRC notes the Department of Defense has officially said expression like these Bible verses is protected, and training cadets to cower at personal offense is probably detrimental to their future military profession of arms.  (The Liberty Institute reiterates that the government action resulting in the Bible verse being erased violated the law.)

Air Force officers must function in teams even when their fellow Airmen do not share their political affiliation, gender, religion, etc. Attempting to shut down or shut up their peers (especially by engaging a civilian organization) is not a positive sign that one knows how to engage in professional and respectful teamwork with others who are not the same as you. That is not a life skill that will serve cadets well when they enter the Air Force.

The FRC ends on a positive note of praise:

Fortunately, the Air Force’s cadets aren’t taking these attacks sitting down. They’re an example to everyone who feels helpless in the face of persecution. No matter where you are, when you’re deprived of your rights, stand up to the bullies and refuse to take it! Like Governor Rick Perry (R) told conservatives last week, “It’s time for a little rebellion.” I would agree — it is time for a little “righteous” rebellion like this. And the cadets are leading the way.

Well done, ladies and gentlemen.  Your stand is noticed and is worthy of praise.

As an aside, the photos provided by the FRC are the same ones about which Weinstein lodged his second complaint. It seems no one has noticed that Weinstein left out the non-Abrahamic religion quotes that were part of the same cadet campaign (and Weinstein even attributes the Qur’an quotes to “fundamentalist Christians).  Just a few examples: one was from a movie, one was explicitly agnostic, and two referenced satirical deity figures.  Apparently, Weinstein is only going to sue over the actions of the Christians.  Religious freedom at work, at least in his world.

Also at the Air Force Times and Christian Post.


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  • Priscilla Parker

    Weinstein’s become so predictable and stagnant in his routine that you sort of feel guilty making fun of him anymore. What’s really scary are his followers. You should see an email I got of screenshots from a social media site where ppl were talking about how the cadets who utilized their freedom of expression should be shot or reprimanded and be kicked out of the AFA. And one of them is a cadet them-selves! I’m not a Christian and I don’t get religious beliefs but I’ll back freedom of speech even if it is religious over retarded any day. That’s what it is. Making light of Weinstein is like mocking someone who is mentally handicapped. I feel sorry for his family.