USAFA Gets Award for Mosaic Coaching under Rosebush

The US Air Force Academy quietly announced the USAFA Mosaic Character and Leadership Coaching Program had received the Best Practices Award from Florida State University’s Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values last month.

Col. Joseph Sanders, director of the Academy’s Center for Character and Leadership Development program [said] “Mosaic coaching has become one of the primary methods that cadets in the squadron can strengthen their commitments to each other and the Air Force’s values, through a professional coaching intervention that is committed to respecting the worth of the individual.”

The notable thing is that Dr. Mike Rosebush — not mentioned in the article — is credited with much of the work behind the “design and execution” of the MOSAIC program. That’s the same Dr. Rosebush that a few critics tried to get fired because he previously worked with people who expressed a desire to overcome unwanted homosexual attraction.

Like every other person at USAFA, he is entitled to his beliefs and opinions.  Dr. Mike Rosebush has done — and obviously continues to do — outstanding work for the US Air Force Academy, despite calls for his head.

(Notably, one “religious freedom” group — Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s — tried to get Rosebush fired for no other reason than his beliefs. Kind of tells you what Weinstein thinks about religious liberty.)