Military Chaplains Support Marriages across Distance

Chaplains deployed to Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, started a program that would enable real-time, live counseling to occur between deployed servicemembers and their families back home:

“We are using technology to reduce the many miles which divide service members from their loved ones,” [Chaplain (Maj) James Buckman] said. “Before this program, when a marriage was going through a hardship we would usually hear one side of the story. Now we can listen to both parties and help counsel both individuals. We are not only the service member’s chaplain, we are the chaplain of the family member as well.”

Marriage retreats are not uncommon in the military, even in a deployed environment.  “Worship with Warriors,” billed as “proactive counseling,” uniquely helps deployed chaplains hear more of the conversation, which helps them better support the deployed servicemember, helps strengthen troops marriages, and, thus, helps accomplish the mission.