Mike Farrell Gets Standing Ovation at USAFA

Of the dozens of speakers who addressed the National Character and Leadership Symposium at the US Air Force Academy last week, the local Colorado Springs Gazette highlighted just one: former MASH star Mike Farrell (previously discussed).

Actor and activist Mike Farrell said he gave his usual, well-honed speech.

He focused on human dignity, derided the death penalty and the Iraq war, and described American tactics against alleged terrorists as “drone murder.”

…the audience that gave him a standing ovation… 

Farrell stuck to his lifelong causes, largely disagreeing with the government and military operations:

He said America is failing the values of its founding father, becoming a nation of government spies, prisons and drone warfare.

The article did make a one-sentence note that Farrell is on Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s MRFF board — but said nothing more than that.

Some of the other featured speakers have video of their speeches available online.

Repeated at the Stars and Stripes.