Military Religious Freedom Group Petitions Congress

The group Military-Veterans Advocacy, represented by J.B. Wells, has written a letter to Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL), the chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, stating that the Veterans Administration is preventing “chaplains and patients…from exercising their rights to religious expression.”

Wells indicated he was aiming for the same protections for religious expression the active US military recently received:

“We wrote the letter to provide support and also to suggest hearings on the situation. My goal is to see similar provisions enacted for veterans and VA employees as were included in the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act.”

Wells is currently suing the VA over discrimination against two chaplains, as previously discussed.  Wells’ Military-Veterans Advocacy is a part of the Restore Military Religious Freedom coalition.

For his part, atheist Jason Torpy is part of a movement claiming Christians are simply reacting to having their “privilege” removed, saying

Wells letter “uses a victimhood tactic to acquire the special privilege for Christian government officials.”

Torpy’s language — borrowed from the civil rights era — matches that of a few other critics of religious freedom in the US military. In essence, they claim true liberty can only be achieved through the elimination of elevated Christian “privilege.”

Torpy and his allies may not realize they’ve admitted the fight isn’t for religious freedom — its against Christianity.