MRFF Advocates Blame Christians for Buddhist Threat

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has been recycling the same examples for years when recounting his status as a martyr — dead animals left on his doorstep, a backwards swastika crudely drawn next to his front door, etc — though there has been admittedly no connection between these “attacks” and the work of his MRFF “charity.” He finally gained a fresh story when a Buddhist priest mailed him a single-page letter that said it was “treated” to explode 30 minutes after opening (Mission Impossible-style, apparently). It was obviously a hoax, as confirmed by the local bomb squad.

To be clear, threats against life and property are to be universally denounced, regardless of the ideology of the persons involved. (To be fair, this includes similar language from Mikey Weinstein, which has included his desires for physical violence against his opponents and threats of “confrontation” with this site.)

The threat isn’t really the issue here, though — it’s what its turned into.

It is well-known that Weinstein has publicly stated his opposition to Christians. What some haven’t yet learned is Weinstein gets to decide who is the “right kind” of Christian deserving of liberty — and who isn’t.  It turns out Weinstein has been able to discern the religious beliefs and ideologies of every person he’s talked to or about — even if there was no public information upon which to base such a conclusion (as with this Army Colonel, or this psychology professor, for example).

In other words, even if someone didn’t say they were religious at all, if they dared to oppose Weinstein he declared them to be not only advocating Christianity, but also the wrong kind of Christianity for military service and liberty protected by the Constitution. In summary, Weinstein has repeatedly declared that his ideological opposition — his bogeyman — is Christians who want to take over the world via the US military.

It was only natural, then, that his acolytes pick up on that theme and run with it after he received this threatening letter. In just one example of many, a supporter who uses the nom de plume “godlessveteran” is a well-connected individual who has made it his semi-life purpose to defend the MRFF throughout The Internet. He responded this way:

Insane Christers are unbalanced and hateful enough to make and carry through on those threats.

godlessveteran apparently failed to read two important lines of text within the threatening letter [ellipses original]:

I have absolutely no interest in your idiotic Christian religion…I am a thrice ordained senior priest at The Zen Buddhist Temple[…]

The person sending the letter claimed to be a Buddhist and actually mocked the Christian religion. (Why Weinstein bothered to mail him a fundraising letter at all is a mystery, though Weinstein’s donations appear to have fallen off, so he may have expanded his mailing list.)  In fact, despite some of the drama from the MRFF, the letter wasn’t all that obscure: it even included a return address and signature block — apparently from the Buddhist Rev Ray Witham, now of Wisconsin.  But godlessveteran was only one of several people who have been on Weinstein’s train long enough to know that everybody who doesn’t like him must be a Christian. Right?

Weinstein’s “war” against Christians is so well-known that even his own supporters assume that anyone who doesn’t agree with him — anyone who threatens him — must be a Christian.  The truth is that many people of many ideologies disagree with Weinstein’s attacks on religious liberty — though Weinstein would have you believe it’s only seditious Christians who think he’s wrong.

Still, if all else fails, Rick Baker — resident MRFF conspiracy theorist — will drop by to reassure everyone that this actually was a Christian deceptively hiding their “true” religion. How will he know that?

The same way Mikey Weinstein knows the religious beliefs of every person he “fights,” apparently. If it fits their narrative, those will be the facts — even if they aren’t true.


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  • Priscilla Parker

    Well, the letter did appear to at least detonate… controversy through pandering to the media, although I’m not sure if it did more damage to Weinstein/MRFF or the sender. I’ve long suspected Weinstein to either be mentally unstable and harbor some sort of martyr complex in which he thinks his ‘activism’ will one day get him killed which is why he runs to the media all the time or if he’s just a troll and does it to see how many ppl he can get to actually believe him or respond to his antics.

    As for the sender, FAIL!