2008 USAFA Grad Killed in Afghanistan

Update: Capt Lyon was honored at his return to Peterson AFB before his funeral at New Life Church in Colorado Springs and his burial at the US Air Force Academy.

US Air Force Capt David Lyon — a 2008 US Air Force Academy Graduate (where he had the last name Lissy) — was killed during an advisory mission in Afghanistan on December 27th, 2013. His wife, a 2006 USAFA graduate, was also deployed to Afghanistan, and they were able to spend Christmas together.

She escorted his body home.

Lyon had been a track star at USAFA, but his former coach said it wasn’t his athleticism that made him the man he was: 

“My memories of Dave are not how far he threw, or any honors he received, but of his character and leadership,” Air Force track and field head coach Ralph Lindeman said. “…Dave was one of the nicest young men I can ever remember coaching in my 24-plus years at USAFA. He cared deeply about his team and his teammates. Dave was entirely selfless…”

Similarly, his father-in-law said

“This was a man who — first and foremost — loved his God,” Rick Pounds said. “He was a Christ follower and he truly held onto his faith. Just as passionately, he loved his country, at least the principles on which the country was founded. Then he loved his family just as intensely.”

He was killed by an IED near Kabul. He was 28.

Also at the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Air Force Times.


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