Chaplain of the Marine Corps on Faith in the Foxhole

The Marine Corps motto Semper Fidelis means “Always Faithful.” For USMC’s entire existence, Marines and sailors have fought gallantly on the battlefield with ever-present faith. That faith was administered through the wise words of Navy chaplains and religious program specialists, who preach religion to devil dogs and promote ethical and moral behavior as well as provide them guidance. Today, Navy chaplains continue to play an integral role in supporting Marines and sailors to improve combat readiness.

The Chaplain of the Marine Corps, Chaplain (RAdm) Margaret Kibben, recently visited a base in Hawaii and was interviewed on “faith’s impact in the Marine Corps.”

Q: What’s the hardest part about helping those who are struggling to find faith?

A: “The hardest part is when they’re hurting so badly, or their cynicism has gotten such control over them that they won’t let it go. And they won’t allow themselves to see there’s more to life than what’s meeting their eyes. And the hardest part is convincing people there’s much more than they can see.”

The answer is particularly appropriate, given how some atheists have balked at any insinuation they might have “faith.”