USAF SMSgt Philip Monk on Military Religious Freedom

US Air Force SMSgt Philip Monk was the unit First Sergeant whose commander allegedly “agreed” that he should step away from his duties earlier than planned because he was unable to say that opposition to homosexuality was de facto discrimination in the military.

The Air Force found his allegations of religious discrimination “unsubstantiated” because “religion was never discussed between the two.”  The Air Force released portions of an investigation alleging he made false, but not punishable, statements, though it has not yet released anything about his commander’s statements, including the allegation she called a fellow Air Force officer — and chaplain — a “bigot” because he did not affirm homosexuality.

“The right thing to do is often the most difficult thing to do…

We weren’t called to do what’s easiest for our career. [We’re] called to do the right thing.”