Military Religious Freedom Makes the DuffelBlog

Apparently, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has arrived.

The DuffelBlog — the military-themed takeoff of the satirical Onion website — riffed the recent controversy over the Guantanamo Bay Nativity scenes with a fake article entitled “Detainee Live-Action Christmas Diorama at Guantanamo Triggers Controversy.”

The site, which some might consider offensive but apparently has a Pentagon fanbase, built a satirical tale for most of the article, but finished without really having to embellish all that much:

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation was circulating an anonymous e-mail from eighteen other guards that went even further, referring to “the blatantly unconstitutional activities we’ve seen aboard Guantanamo. Obviously we’re referring to the nativity scene in the chow hall…” 

[I]n response the entire exhibit had been moved outdoors to the courtyard of the base chapel, which should also allow the detainees to get some fresh air and plenty of sunshine.

“We thought this would be great for morale, but we have to keep in mind our public reputation,” said Butler. “We’re in the business of saving lives, and above all we want to avoid associating Guantanamo Bay with any form of religious intolerance.”

While there may be no such thing as bad publicity, remember that satire sites generally serve to mock the ridiculous aspects of culture.

That Weinstein inspired such an article means he is ultimately the one being mocked, as an emblem of absurdity.  Talking heads have been hammering the US military for months because of its kowtowing to Weinstein; it seems even the cultural comics are pointing out the ludicrous nature of “consulting” with Weinstein.

Wonder if that will make his “best of 2013” newsletter.