Former Rep Allen West on Mikey Weinstein, Nativity

Allen West, former Congressman and retired US Army LtCol, wrote that the military “buckle[d]” to Michael “Mikey” Weinstein when it removed the Nativities from the Guantanamo chow halls.  West would have responded in a way many in the military probably would have [emphasis added]:

The US military in which I served would have told someone like Weinstein to simply go “pound sand…”

I want to make sure you know exactly how dangerous this Mr. Weinstein truly is. He has referred to individuals who profess their faith as committing acts of sedition. He has taken it upon himself to attack any religious symbols or references in the US military — and recently had the words “under God” removed from the US Air Force Academy honor oath – from where he graduated, by the way.

Weinstein didn’t have the phrase “so help me God” (not “under God”) removed, but that conversation is misunderstood by almost everyone who talks about it, including Weinstein’s own supporters.

LtCol West becomes one of the few to see what Weinstein’s actions indicate he’s really up to, and raise the flag, again, about why the US military listens to him at all:

[Weinstein’s] actual objective is the elimination of America’s Judeo-Christian faith heritage and its connection to military service.

What is ultimately disturbing is that the Obama administration’s Department of Defense has provided this vile, delusional individual access to the Pentagon and allowed him to infiltrate its decision-making process.

When a man who claims to defend religious freedom cites the forced removal of a Nativity scene as one of his proud accomplishments, he likely either has mental issues or he’s being intentionally devious.

Which do you figure?

Via BizPac Review.