Shaw AFB Statement on Nativity


SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. – Last week a group of volunteers set up a nativity scene near Memorial Lake. All faith-based and secular groups were offered an opportunity to put up holiday displays; however, only one group elected to do so resulting in the nativity scene being the sole display.

Based on only one faith group being represented, 20th Fighter Wing officials determined the appropriate course of action was to celebrate the holiday season consistently and elected to remove the nativity scene from Memorial Lake. In previous years, the nativity scene had been displayed on the grounds of the base chapel. All faith-based and secular groups wishing to place a holiday display on the grounds of the chapel this year are encouraged to coordinate with the Shaw chaplain staff.

So, if Christians want to put up a display, they areĀ allowed to do so only if they create one from another faith?

There’s an interesting discussion here aboutĀ the difference between equal opportunity and equal outcome.


One comment

  • The legal review was processed and it was determined no regs were violated. The nativity scene is being put back up at noon today with a small ceremony. They’ll have pics on their FB page later today for anyone who can’t attend!