New Mikey Weinstein Billboard Backfires, Inspires Opponents

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein seems to be waging a war by billboard (and judging by his previous efforts, Lamar advertising seems to be the main benefactor).  This time, Weinstein publicized an email quote from a staff member of the US Air Force Academy Prep School:

The photo was provided by the MRFF, and faithful ally Pam Zubeck dutifully reprinted it at the CSIndy.

Unfortunately for the MRFF, a substantial majority of the people who saw and commented on it read only the quote from Willoughby — and then praised Willoughby’s sentiment.

A few did say Willoughby had “violated his oath as an officer” and was acting inappropriately as “a superior officer” — which caused some to question Weinstein’s honesty.  Weinstein has carefully framed the message as from an “Air Force Academy leader,” omitting the fact Willoughby is, more accurately, a civilian athletic trainer at the Prep School.

Even some of Weinstein’s would-be supporters mocked the failure in message, as they acknowledged it was difficult to tell if the billboard was raised in support or opposition.  Further, those apparent ideological allies lost steam when they learned Willoughby wasn’t an officer and hadn’t taken any action violating any rules.

Again, no where has Weinstein actually said what Willoughby supposedly did wrong — though Weinstein still wants an apology from the man he called “bigoted.”

In the end, Weinstein may have still generated publicity, but he seems to be relying more on the mantra “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” than on transmitting a legitimate message.

More at the Air Force Times.