Grant Lets Soldiers Become Truck Drivers

As was noted here years ago, Air Force student pilots are often “tempted” to quit their training (or encouraged to continue, depending how you think about it) with the placement of truck driving school ads in conspicuous places.  The ads hanging on pilot training walls are only half-joking.

Now it seems a federal grant has enabled Soldiers from Fort Bragg — many of whom were transpo drivers in the Army — to get a commercial drivers license as they transition to civilian life: 

A $130,000 federal grant brought Johnston Community College’s trucking program an hour’s drive down Interstate 95, from Smithfield to Fort Bragg.

The program offers soldiers and their spouses an on-post opportunity to get truck-driver training for careers after the Army.

Students in the Fort Bragg Commercial Truck Driver Course avoid eight weeks of commuting to Smithfield and don’t have to pay tuition, which usually is about $1,000.

Obviously, trucking is an honorable profession, and it is a noble effort to help veterans transitioning to civilian life to turn their military skills into their civilian counterpart.

Still not the best thing to do out of pilot training, though.