Air Force Highlights Family’s Religion

A Davis-Monthan official article highlighted US Air Force SSgt Asad Abdul Muhammad, apparently for no other reason than he is a Muslim and his wife is not:

Abdul Muhammad, being the only Muslim in his household, was the only one who participated in Ramadan.

“The kids didn’t notice it much,” Abdul Muhammad said…

Abdul Muhammad’s wife is a Catholic, who is very interested in other religions, and teaches their children about the different options they have.

The article notes the family teaches all religions at home: 

Mrs. Abdul Muhammad has taught their children about Buddhism, Judaism, Catholicism and Islamism [sic].

“In the house we have a Bible, a Kabbalah, a Quran and books on different religions for kids,” Abdul Muhammad said. “We just want our kids to focus on the lessons, essentially a good moral standing.”

While somewhat interesting, its unclear what point the official US Air Force “news article” had, other than to write something — anything — about an Islamic airman during Ramadan.

Who knew it was that important?