Air Force UPT Packages Due November 29th

Active duty officers who are eligible and interested in becoming aicrew have until November 29th to submit applications for the “UFT Selection Board:”

The board will review candidates for fiscal year 2014/2015 training requirements in the pilot, remotely piloted aircraft, combat systems officer and air battle manager categories.

Applicants must meet age and commission date criteria – born April 1, 1984 or later and total federal service commissioned date after April 1, 2009 – and must have squadron commander or equivalent endorsement, said Maj. Andrew Larson, AFPC assignments officer.

One of the age-old questions is whether someone who wants to be a pilot can increase his chances of selection by saying he’ll also volunteer for RPAs — thus, appearing to be willing to do whatever the service needs; a “team player,” if you will.

The same answer applies as always:  If you say you’re a volunteer for UAVs, don’t complain when you get assigned one.  After all, the Air Force has a shortage of UAV volunteers right now…