CAIR, the KKK, and Michael Weinstein

The Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) recently called the group “ACT! For America” the equivalent of the KKK and demanded a speaker not be allowed to use county property.

Hassan Shibly, an attorney and executive director of CAIR of Tampa, said he supports freedom of speech.

But this individual makes statements to incite violence against the Muslim community, so I think that the line has been crossed,” Shibly said. “ACT! is an extremist group no different than the KKK. And if the KKK wanted to use that room, there would be a protest…”

CAIR relies upon the “KKK” line frequently.  The speaker in question, UCF Professor Jonathan Matusitz, sounded a calm tone: 

If I didn’t think Islam poses a threat to Western civilization, then I would not stick my neck out by delivering public presentations on that subject.

Hassan Shibly of CAIR-Tampa also said

“In America, you have the right to spew hateful” rhetoric.  “The statements that ACT! makes (against Muslims) would not be tolerated against any other community.”

And that’s where the comedy begins.  You see, Michael Weinstein has plainly said he is engaged in a war against those he deems to be ‘bad’ Christians, and they pose a similar threat to the United States.  Weinstein has used almost identical words to denounce Christians as Matusitz did Islam.  In other words, CAIR is wrong — similar statements against “other communit[ies]” are most certainly tolerated.

In fact, in evident hypocrisy, CAIR tolerates them — as a frequent ally of Michael Weinstein in his attacks on military religious freedom.

Talk about selective moral outrage.

Here’s the kicker, though:

The Florida chapter of [CAIR] calls Matusitz as an “Anti-Islam Prof” and blasts what it calls his “bizarre claims” that “Germany will ‘become an Islamic republic by 2050.'”

They seem to forget their ally Weinstein, who is increasingly labeled an “anti-Christian crusader” by groups other than CAIR, has “bizarre” claims that American Christians are even now trying to take over the United States so they can institute a second Holocaust.

Yes. He really said that.

It seems CAIR’s “principles” extend only so far as they advance their agenda, and Weinstein’s attacks on Christians fit in nicely enough they’ll ignore the cognitive dissonance.



  • Priscilla Parker

    You know, the first time I ever realized how utterly silly some men can be is when Alan Dershowitz launched his smear campaign against Norm Finkelstein simply for being a Jew that spoke out against Israel and the United States relationship with them. Everyone has their own opinion on these things but to try and pull the Jew card or Muslim card or Atheist card is a straw man, as they love to say and to me shows there is something the person they are trying to silence has to say that they don’t want others to hear.

    I haven’t heard of ACT so I can’t speak to it but isn’t that the point of free speech?

  • It occurs to me that irrespective of which religion it is, Christianity and Islam being the two biggest offenders, those of a certain belief system are taking their particular form of evangelism to new heights… [Diatribe deleted by Admin.] …Without question, the animas just between Christianity and Islam is a major cause of conflict.

    • @Richard,

      Your comment has nothing to do with anything posted here. Flexibility may be the key to airpower, but relevance is the key to discussion. Try again.