Fort Hood Hosts Islamic Iftar

Chaplain (Maj) Khalid Shabazz and his chaplain assistant, Sgt Jessica Covello, hosted an Islamic iftar attended by “more than 60 soldiers and family members” at Fort Hood, Texas.

“Fasting increases our awareness of God and self-restraint,” Shabazz said. “Abstaining from something so natural such as food and water allows ourselves to gain a greater respect for those who suffer on a daily basis.”

Sgt Covello even tried a little mutual support: 

Sgt. Jessica Covello…said she attempted to fast for Ramadan to fully understand the challenges Muslim soldiers face throughout the monthlong Islamic occurrence.   “I tried to fast and only made it to 10:30 a.m. the first day,” Covello said. “At that point, I had to chug a bottle of water. Fasting is much more difficult than you think, especially as a soldier out in the heat.”

The article went into great detail on the chaplain’s explanation of the meaning and importance of Ramadan.

It is likely an unnoticed irony that Fort Hood, site of the self-described “jihadist” massacre and ongoing court-martial of Major Nidal Malik Hasan, has one of the few Islamic Chaplains in the US military.