Appeals Court Upholds Fort Hood Bomber Sentence

Former US Army PFC Naser Abdo appealed his conviction in the planned (and prepared) bombing attempt of his fellow US Army Soldiers near Fort Hood, Texas, in 2011.  The court denied his appeal.

The appeals court denied Abdo’s request to consider his initial police detention a full arrest instead of just an investigatory stop, which would have made it unlawful and rendered it and statements obtained at the time inadmissible as evidence…

The court also denied that Abdo’s trial was unfair…

Abdo was the famous Islamic conscientious objector who was later charged for having child pornography on his government computer, went AWOL, and was caught with supplies for the deadly attack.  Rather than being court-martialed, Abdo was tried and convicted in federal court.

Michael Weinstein, who frequently criticizes Christians in the military for mixing their religious beliefs with their military service, has said almost nothing about Abdo — with whom he personally spoke — since Weinstein’s 2011 quote that he “never felt good about him.”

Abdo was sentenced to two life terms with no possibility of parole.

Abdo is one of 12 attempted or successful attacks on the US military by those apparently motivated by their Islamic faith, four of whom were actually members of the US military: