Michael Weinstein Goes Defensive, Repeats the Crazy

In response to last week’s article highlighting his penchant for alliterative adjective abuse, Michael Weinstein posted a defensive 1,500 word diatribe saying people should cut him some slack.  He claims he rants like a foul-mouthed playground bully because he’s trying to save the world [emphasis added]:

What sane person can doubt that anything less than a tooth-and-nail, eye-gouging fight will protect the American people from those both in uniform and [in] the House and Senate who seek to plunge the United States into an end-times war of apocalyptic proportions? Such a worldwide conflagration of combat is precisely what fundamentalist Christian Dominionists see as necessary for ushering in the Second Coming of the Christ, or “Rapture.” They ruthlessly lust for their promised worldwide bloodbath

The aircraft carriers, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Peacekeeper Missiles*, bunker-busters, nuclear ICBMs, and 2.35 million active duty and reserve personnel…comprise the jewel in the crown that the “Christian Taliban” aims to seize at any and all cost.

There you have it, folks.  Weinstein should be granted wide latitude because his noble goal is to save the American people from the crazy Christians in its own military and Congress.  (To be clear, this isn’t the first time he’s made this claim.)

And who are these crazy Christians?  Well, whoever Weinstein says they are, of course. (In a shameless display of hypocrisy, Weinstein is offended that people call him an atheist while he simultaneously assigns labels to others.)

These seditious Christians have taken great strides to convert the US military to their religious ways.  They’ve repealed DADT, hosted drag queens on Air Force bases, told troops not to have Bibles on their desks, erected a pagan chapel for cadets, pulled down a video that mentioned “God” and the military, removed “Deo” from a unit patch, deleted Gideon Bibles from Air Force Inn room checklists, enlisted Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu chaplains…

and they kowtow to every whim of a self-described “Jewish agnostic” named Michael Weinstein.

That sure sounds like a military overrun by Christians intent on starting World War III, doesn’t it?

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has clearly stated he believes Christians are trying to take over the US military to kill Jews and start a nuclear war.  He questioned “what sane person” could doubt him.  Sanity is certainly in question, but it isn’t that of his readers.

And this is the man the US military listens to?

*In Weinstein’s quest to sound sensational and get attention, he often errs (like his laughable “laser-guided nuclear weapon“).  Weinstein apparently thinks treasonous Christians are hiding LGM-118A Peacekeepers in their secret bunkers — because the US government decommissioned those ICBMs years ago.  They no longer exist in the US inventory, so the only way anyone is going to “seize” one is if its hidden in their garage next to the UFO and rifle from the grassy knoll.