Air Force Hosts Pilot Training Student Journal

Vance Air Force Base has posted an ongoing pilot training journal written by 2Lt S. Tucker Browne.  Lt Browne started his training in August of last year, first flying T-6A Texan IIs and then T-38C Talons.  His graduation from the year-long course should be soon.

His journal should have some interesting tidbits, including a look into some ongoing pilot traditions, like the solo dunk tank (recounted by another pilot here, and copied here):

On Monday, our class had the privilege of sending one of our own up into the pattern alone. The pilot, 2nd Lt. Latessa Bortner, said it was a really fun experience…

When she landed, we were ready for the age-old tradition of dunking the solo-student. The rules go, supposedly, that if a solo student avoids the other flight members and make it back to the flight room without getting dunked in the class’s tank, everyone in the flight owes that person a case of his or her favorite drink.

Luckily, we made sure we were there when she landed, and it was fun getting to throw her in a big pool against her will. Everyone is excited for their turn to go up alone and get thrown in.

The journal could be educational for those interested in a fairly benign look at pilot training.

Hopefully no one gets offended…