Group Calls for AF to Republish Censored Chaplain Article

The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty has called on Col Brian Duffy to formally apologize to Chaplain (LtCol) Kenney Reyes — and then re-publish the banned article to

resolve this unfortunate injustice without taking recourse to legal measures.

Col Duffy had indicated the article was pulled because people were offended.  The stern admonition from the Chaplain-endorsing group appears to be the first engagement of the recently announced Military Religious Freedom coalition.  The letter from retired Chaplain (Col) Ron Crews notes that the MRFF misrepresented the article in the most demeaning way — and Col Duffy appears to have either bought their line or simply failed to read the article on his own:

Your failure to recognize that the column in no way accomplished the accusations placed against it by the MRFF must be remedied immediately…

Also, Chaplain Crews highlighted that the Air Force’s zealous reactions to every whim of Michael Weinstein in restricting speech — even if the AF was otherwise permitted to do so — “casts a chilling effect:”

The fact that his essay did not advocate any particular religion, but simply provided a historical understanding of a phrase and posed open-ended, soul searching questions applicable to anyone regardless of his or her personal religious or philosophical leanings underscores even further the discriminatory nature of your action. Your intolerance for this Chaplain’s perspective not only violates his constitutionally-protected rights, but casts a chilling effect on the thoughts and religious beliefs of others seeking to enter into the dialogue.

As has been routinely discussed, Weinstein “won” for years by virtue of being the loudest voice in the room.  Now, a group dedicated to defending religious freedom in the US military is standing up to oppose Weinstein, and they are the ones threatening the lawsuit.

The letter is dated yesterday.  It took 5 hours for the Air Force to kowtow to Weinstein.

Any guesses as to how this will turn out?

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