MRFF Threatens Lawsuit over Military Religious Liberty Bill

Michael Weinstein has threatened to file a lawsuit if Congress passes the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act with the religious liberty amendment intact.

Weinstein said that he would immediately sue if the amendment passes, calling it “completely unconstitutional.”

No one need worry.  It seems every time you turn around Weinstein is threatening to sue someone.  (For a short list, web search “Mikey Weinstein tell it to the judge.”)  Weinstein followed through on his threats against the US military only four times (and lost every time).  He then promised to appeal (“Technicality!” he cried)… and he then did nothing.  He appears to know that saying “I’ll sue” will get him quoted in the press, which is all he really wants.

As an aside, it is somewhat entertaining to see how the Religion News Service described Weinstein:

Mikey Weinstein [is] founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and an outspoken critic of proselytism in the military…

For the record, this is a comprehensive list of all the times the US military has faced legitimate accusations of trying to convert someone to a religion (“proselytism”) under Weinstein’s watch:


By contrast, Weinstein has been known to be an “outspoken critic” of Christian Chaplain’s sermons in religious chapel services, Christian baptisms requested by US Marines, and Christian holidays celebrated by Americans serving in the US military — none of which had anything to do with “proselytism.”  He similarly thinks Focus on the Family — a Christian marriage and adoption advocacy organization that has nothing to do with the military — is “no better than the Taliban.”

“Mikey Weinstein is an outspoken critic” of Christians.