Lake Elsinore War Memorial Enjoined by Court

A California Federal court has said that the proposed design of the Lake Elsinore Veteran’s memorial — which contains the iconic graphic of a Soldier kneeling at a cross-shaped headstone — “likely violates the Establishment Clause” of the US Constitution.

Even as a discussion is ongoing about the use of a Star of David in a Holocaust memorial in Ohio, the court found that 

“it is likely that Plaintiffs will be able to demonstrate that the Latin crosses and Star of David were included …because of their religious symbolism…”

Indeed, they are religious symbols, but they were included not because of that symbolism, but because they symbolize our honored dead.

The court’s decision was the result of a lawsuit filed in June — in tragic irony, near the anniversary of the D-Day invasions recalled by this very symbolism.

Via the Religion Clause.