What is a Missionary?

From the Mission Aviation Fellowship:

Recently, my daughter came across the word missionary in a biography we were reading together. She asked, “What is a missionary?” I giggled with surprise. “Well, Honey, it’s a person who absolutely loves Jesus and wants others to love Him too. So, they choose to live their lives in such a way that helps others to see and know Him, by loving them and teaching them who Jesus is.” A few minutes later, she gasped with bright eyes and a beaming smile, “You mean…I am a missionary?!”

What a great reminder! We don’t have to be an adult with a well-thought-out ministry plan, years of experience, or even move to another country to be a missionary. Having a heart convinced of His love for us and for others is what is required…and God will do the rest!

You can be a missionary wherever you are.

Are you?