Fort Rucker Hosts Vacation Bible School

US military chapels provide a wide variety of spiritual support for troops and their families, and the traditional summer Vacation Bible School is one important part of that.  Fort Rucker’s program this year included a full-scale Wilderness Tabernacle:

The tabernacle takes the things that you and I might read in the Bible and brings them to life,” said Spiers. “What we do with the children, since there is an old-testament basis and message with the tabernacle, is bring the symbolism of the old into the new-testament because it’s very rich, it’s very real and it’s very biblical.”

The tabernacle set up at the Spiritual Life Center was 150 feet long, 75 feet wide, and all artifacts, including the well-known sacrificial alter and Arc of the Covenant, were built to scale…

The children seemed to enjoy it:

Ulandria Hartman…said one of her favorite things of VBS was more about the lessons she learned while she was there.

“My favorite part was learning about the 10 commandments,” she said. “You should always honor your father and mother, and if you obey them, you will live a long life. When God sees that you obey (your parents), he will know that you believe in him.”

Well done.