Michael Savage on Michael Weinstein

When former US Congressman and retired Army Col Allen West recently appeared on Michael Savage’s radio show Savage Nation on the recent issues in the military, he mentioned Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s name.

Savage cut him off: 

Oh don’t, don’t mention [Weinstein’s] name. This man is single handedly pulling the military into the gutter.   I don’t know how this man is — I don’t know how the man is not stopped. He has done more damage to the military than let us say our worst enemy, in my estimation.

He’s a single man who is borderline psychotic in my estimation. He’s a diehard, fanatic atheist, and he’s on the warpath against the U.S. military. And no one has been able to stop this psycho.

Weinstein responded with a “press release” calling Savage a “coward” and Allen West a “theocrat.”  (Weinstein should probably have his research assistant Chris Rodda look up that latter word.)

Weinstein also said West’s “greatest gift to the military was getting forced out of it.”  Those are pretty strong words for Weinstein — who claims he threatened to sue the Air Force so he could get out.