Veterans Affairs Adds Thor’s Hammer to Approved Symbol List

The US Department of Veteran’s Affairs has added “Thor’s Hammer” to the list of approved emblems that may be placed on headstones in VA cemeteries.

Who knew the Marvel movie was actually a documentary?

The VA list already includes a variety of obscure symbols, including Eckankar, Seicho-No-Ie, an atomic-A (for atheism), the humanist H, and a “landing eagle,” which appears to be connected to no “belief system” at all.

Any next of kin (or their designated representative) can request a unique symbol.  The last substantial controversy over the list was several years ago, when a pagan sued to have the pentacle added to the list.  The VA acquiesced.

Why the VA ever needed to have a list of “approved” symbols to begin with is a fact lost to time, apparently.