Sally Quinn Shills for Michael Weinstein

In case you were wondering why the Washington Post blog on Michael Weinstein’s visit to the Pentagon made him out to be so “heroic” — and never once raised a critical eye to his cause — it’s because the author, Sally Quinn, supports his cause.

In her recent commentary on the National Day of Prayer, Quinn calls the National Day of Prayer “unconstitutional”, and she spends most of her column lightly mocking Greg Laurie’s call for a national religious revival.  Tellingly, she never pauses to acknowledge Laurie’s liberty to make such statements.

Quinn also criticized the US Army at Fort Leonard Wood for inviting David Barton to be the speaker at their NDoP event, though she doesn’t explicitly say why she makes that criticism.  She got the information about Barton from Michael Weinstein’s MRFF, along with this tidbit:

In the military, the subtle and not-so-subtle pressure to attend a prayer breakfast is enormous, and a person’s career can be seriously hurt by not participating.

Ah yes, the alleys of America are littered with the wrecked careers of those who missed the post Prayer Breakfast.  She provides this evidence to support her statement:


And that’s about what her commentary is worth, too.