ACLJ Slams Weinstein as a “Nut,” Legal Hack

Jay Sekulow of The American Center for Law and Justice recently sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel calling on them to “repudiate” any relationship the US military had with Michael Weinstein.  Sekulow, who once debated Weinstein at the US Air Force Academy, previously called Weinstein a bigot.  In a new article, he’s called Weinstein a “nut” and legal hack who’s all bluster and no substance [emphasis added]:

“The rhetoric and language [Weinstein] uses is hateful; it is violent. He threatens physical violence on people. He’ll beat them up and he’ll fight to the death,” he tells American Family News. “[Weinstein] is a nut – and I don’t use that word lightly…”

“Look at [Weinstein’s] casework – oh wait, it’s very tough to find. You know why? He never won a case in court,” notes the ACLJ spokesman. “So he talks a tough talk, uses all this rhetoric [that’s] very nasty. He’s a nasty guy. He’s got a screw loose when it comes to this issue…”

Weinstein has filed five lawsuits in the past few years.  He was won zero, and his suits against the military failed to survive the very first motion to dismiss.  Despite repeated, passionate promises that he would “immediately” appeal his loss, Weinstein never appealed.  Ever.

On a somewhat related note, Michael Brown at connected Weinstein to the social expectation that anything remotely connecting Islam and terrorism is “Islamophobia” — though denigrating Christians is just fine.  (Comically, Weinstein’s statements are so over-the-top Brown felt the need to qualify his quotations as “not parody.”)