Chaplain: Why is Air Force Seeking Counsel from Weinstein?

Retired Chaplain (Col) Ron Crews of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty:

[Weinstein] is known for his activism to squash religious faith in the military. Why senior leaders in the Air Force would be meeting with someone to talk about religious liberty whose sole purpose it appears is to squash religious liberty, that’s a question that we have for Air Force officials.

Indeed. At FoxNews:

As an aside, a blogger made an interesting observation about the military’s special treatment of Weinstein, noting that the DoD has given wind to the sails of a critic who otherwise would have long since faded into obscurity:

If the Pentagon hadn’t given him a platform and some credibility, he might even now be walking around talking to a coconut named Wilson.

The DoD has forcefully (if somewhat confusingly) defended its stance on religious liberty. It has demurred in the face of questions about its special treatment of Michael Weinstein.