Air Force Hammered over Preferential Treatment of Weinstein

The Air Force, DoD, and even the Obama Administration continue to be hammered by conservative media and religious freedom advocates over the decision to host Michael Weinstein at the Pentagon in a meeting about “religious issues.”

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council called it an “anti-Christian offensive” on the part of the US military.

And [Weinstein] is the man the Pentagon heeded to create its policy on faith? An anti-Christian militant who’s threatened by gift collections for needy children?

A Catholic blogger took Weinstein to task, as many did, for calling Christians “monsters” in a recent virulent op-ed.¬† While saying he didn’t necessarily agree with evangelical Christians, the blogger said¬†

I find I have much more in common with a believer of any stripe than with guys like Weinstein who would absolutely purge the ranks of some of the most dedicated and self-sacrificial troops for the sake of ideological purity.

At the Christian post, columnist Judson Phillips said

[Weinstein] guy is supposed to be tolerant? Of course he is typical of the tolerance you find from the left. For the left, tolerance is a one-way street. We have to tolerate them; they do not have to tolerate anyone who disagrees with them.

Meanwhile, several other articles still cover the cumulative issue of “hostility to Christianity,” a mantra Michael Weinstein embodies: