Homosexual Veteran Fined $100 for Illegal Protest in Uniform

Remember Dan Choi?  Most people probably don’t.  He was the homosexual US Army veteran, a former Lieutenant, who led protests outside the White House in an Army uniform.

The trial for his 2010 arrest, before which he’d chained himself to the White House fence line and then “went limp” while being arrested, finally ended.  He was convicted and given a $100 fine.  That’s probably the same thing the other protesters were given nearly three years ago, when they accepted responsibility for their actions.

Choi was one of 13 people arrested after they handcuffed themselves to the White House fence. His trial began in 2011 but was put on hold during an appeal. He was convicted of failing to obey lawful order.

It seems Choi hasn’t followed through on his promise to re-enlist.