US Military Chaplain Joins Others on the Supreme Court and DOMA

A US Army Chaplain’s comments on the upcoming Supreme Court hearings on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), regarding his faith and religious liberty:

“If DOMA is declared unconstitutional, then it will initiate the assured drive in our society and government to give warrant and support to numerous other unspeakable sexual acts as normative. In the past two years since DADT was repealed, (which was the vehicle by which homosexuals gained official government recognition and approval of their immoral lifestyle), we have seen appeals by those who advocate for the public acceptance of polygamy, pedophilia and even bestiality in our educational institutions and government, using the very same fallacious arguments the homosexual movement has used over the last several decades to gain public acceptance. And just last week there was a public call in the national media for the US military to now allow those given to transvestism (cross dressing) to also have the freedom to openly serve in our ranks. The repeal to DADT certainly opened Pandora’s Box. But striking down DOMA would pry it open.

“If DOMA is repealed, it will hit the military first. And no one will face the pressure, persecution and disfavor more than the military chaplains. Why? Because we are the ones expected to be the voice of moral truth and rightness in our conduct and values as a military force. Values that are in direct opposition to all forms of sexual immorality, especially homosexuality.

“Army Regulation 165-1, 3-3 (2) clearly states:

“Chaplains, in performing their duties, are expected to speak with a prophetic voice and must confront the issues of religious accommodation, the obstruction of free exercise of religion, and moral turpitude (immorality) in conflict with the Army values.”

“Some of us have already been warned to be quiet about speaking out against homosexuality, even from the pulpit. Some have already faced disfavorable actions. But make no mistake about it, if DOMA is overturned, military chaplains will eventually have to compromise their spiritual and moral values, ministry and message, or be dismissed from military service. Then, whatever happen to us, the government will use that as a precedent to enforce social acceptance, special favors and protection of homosexuality in our society at large. Never in the history of the world has any nation ever gone as far as ours has in declaring and establishing such sexual immorality and depravity as virtuous, nor so bold in rejecting the core blessings of God for the prosperity and fruitfulness of mankind, that was not soon destroyed as a result.

“This is a crucial issue and time in the life and health of our nation. This is the time to pray and to turn from our sin and to humbly return to establishing our trust in the Lord. May God help us and bless us. Please do not allow apathy to reign in our minds and hearts…This is the spiritual, and consequently, moral fight of our generation…”

The Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance video on military chaplains and DOMA can be seen here.

Homosexual activists continue to be “angered” that the US military is following the law.

From the Baptist Press:

Also, from Christian theology assistant professor Owan Strachan, of Boyce College:

Christians, in opposing same-sex marriage and tirelessly advocating for marriage…are not treating others inhumanely. We are showing kindness to fellow sinners. We should feel immense compassion for all who are trapped in unrighteousness. But in experiencing this emotion, we do not norm the Bible by their example. Instead, we point them to God’s design, which is always wise, always for our best, and motivated by divine love. To affirm sin is to diminish humanity. To affirm righteousness and advocate for it in a spirit of winsome courage is to restore humanity.