Military Holds National Prayer Events Around Globe

The US military held National Prayer events at bases around the world, demonstrating the value it places on troops’ practice of faith and encouraging their free exercise:

At an “undisclosed location:”

More than 200 service members deployed to the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing came together for a barbecue and fellowship sponsored by the chapel community in observance of the National Prayer Breakfast…

In Georgia:

Hundreds of Fort Stewart soldiers and Family Members gathered…for the annual National Day of Prayer Breakfast…

The word servant comes from the Greek word Diakonos or deacon. It denotes work that is done in freedom and with dignity, Col. Meek explained.

In Afghanistan:

In an effort to keep soldiers spiritually fit and to strengthen their character and values, the 3rd Sustainment Brigade hosted a prayer breakfast…in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

“The intent is to strengthen and mold the character and values of soldiers so they may do their mission for the good of all men with integrity and honor,” said 3rd Sustainment Brigade Chaplain (Maj.) Chris Wallace…

About 50 Task Force Provider soldiers attended the event…

Kandahar previously hosted Stu Weber for a National Day of Prayer event:

The guest speaker for the event was Dr. Stu Weber, a U.S. Army Veteran, who is also an author, public speaker and pastor. Weber was awarded three bronze stars as a Green Beret in Vietnam…

“War believe it or not is a spiritual exercise,” said Weber. “The secret to doing well in war or in life is in your soul; it’s what you believe that makes the difference whether you’re a soldier or a coal miner”

Despite a call from Michael Weinstein for his acolytes to be “extremely vigilant” during these National Prayer events, they were held without controversy (which is a bit of change from some prior years).

One MRFF disciple at Hanscom AFB did call out his chaplain for “violat[ing] policy and the Constitution,” saying “unit reps” were forbidden by AFI 1-1 from distributing prayer luncheon tickets that they asked for.  The message was a pretty condescending and brazen dressing-down of a chaplain by a military member — relying on a fairly vague AFI that has been Weinstein’s “go-to” for multiple accusations since its inception.

Notably, the offended troop was also wrong.