Michael Weinstein Says Christians Worse than Neo-Nazis

If you’re not the “right kind” of Christian while you serve in the US military, it seems Michael Weinstein — frequent critic of religious freedom in the US military — really doesn’t like you so much — and he apparently wants the government to come after you [formatting original]:

The forced imposition of fundamentalist Christianity throughout our American armed forces is the perpetual “flavor of the day,” and has been for decades [sic]…

[There is] continual, systemic proselytizing among United States military personnel. This brainwashing results in widespread, brutal stigmatizing of those opposed or indifferent to fundamentalist Christian doctrine–a savage trampling of their Constitutional rights!…

How…does allowing this utterly reprehensible nonsense to continue not produce a greater threat than the handful of neo-Nazis still getting together for bonfires and hate parades?…

The skinheads, the sheet-wearers, and the cross-burners are easy to spot. But the more devastating injury…is the stark and severe NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT wrought by those in suits, in vestments, and–most disgracefully of all–in the uniform of our nation’s armed forces.

This is consistent with Weinstein’s long-running theme of painting Christians as the ‘worst’ possible threat — a “national security threat,” even — because such a declaration might justify violating the otherwise Constitutionally-protected religious liberty of the faith group he loathes.  So, if you believe in a version of Christianity that is Michael Weinstein ApprovedTM (apparently meaning you meet the MRFF definition of a “true Christian”), you’re probably ok.  If not…

Of course, this folderol comes from a man who also said

There is only one religious symbol: The American flag.
There is only one religious scripture: The American Constitution.
There is only one religious faith: American patriotism.
                          – Michael Weinstein, Military Religious Freedom Foundation

You know, a guy named Rosenberg said something similar once, when he likewise tried to elevate “the nation” to the status of a religion and create “only one religious symbol,” and “only one religious scripture:”

The Christian Cross…must be superseded by the only unconquerable symbol, the swastika.
On the altars there must be nothing but Mein Kampf…
                         – Alfred Rosenberg, Chief Nazi philosopher

While he had a bit of a run in Germany in the 1940s, it didn’t turn out so well for him in the end.

Michael Weinstein obviously has more in common with those who trample religious freedom than those who protect it.  It’s not turning out well for him, either.