Homosexual Army Soldier Campaigns for Marriage Inequality

US Army Reservist Major Stephen Snyder-Hill made waves when he “came out” to the world by asking the Republican Presidential candidates if they would work to “circumvent the progress” of the repeal of DADT.  His question was booed by some in the audience.  Now, Snyder is co-chairing a political “steering committee” to change the status of marriage in Ohio:

Leaders of pro-gay-marriage group FreedomOhio said Friday that Columbus resident Stephen Snyder-Hill will help lead outreach efforts…FreedomOhio wants to overturn the 2004 state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Snyder’s position is notable because he is constantly referred to as the “gay soldier” and by his military rank and branch of service — while he simultaneously advocates for a political cause.  DoDD 1344.10, which governs the political activities of US troops, generally forbids such actions — except for inactive reservists out of uniform who do not “reasonably” give the appearance of official approval.  While none of the articles on Snyder say so, the benefit of the doubt grants that he is not currently active.

The public response is notable, however.  A military member publicly joins a political cause in support of a favored form of sexual behavior, and no one says a word in criticism.

By contrast, if military Christians make benign statements regarding their faith and homosexuality, Michael Weinstein’s “religious freedom” group demands that the US Air Force Chief of Staff take “swift and severe corrective action.”  How’s that for advocating “religious freedom?”

And about that sexual advocacy:  The proposed Ohio amendment grants special status to two homosexuals, but it explicitly adds exclusions for relatives, multiple marriages, and bigamists:

Marriage shall be a union of two consenting adults not nearer of kin than second cousins, and not having a husband or wife living…

It seems even homosexual activists have their “moral” limits.  Interesting, given that those with moral limits differing only in degree are so often labeled “bigots.”