Family Research Council Calls DoD Homosexual Policy Discriminatory

Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council has said Secretary Panetta’s decision to grant specific rights only to homosexuals “qualif[ies] as discrimination:”

“I think this does qualify as discrimination against opposite sex couples who are essentially in the same position, unmarried by living together,” said Peter Sprigg, senior fellow at the Family Research Council.

The FoxNews article accurately notes the DoD described this as a perceived “inequity” in the same policy that assessed DADT repeal implementation in 2010: 

“If…the Department of Defense creates a new category of unmarried dependent or family member reserved only for same-sex relationships, the Department…itself would be creating a new inequity — between unmarried, committed same-sex couples and unmarried, committed opposite-sex couples,” the report said.

The report goes on to state that the “new inequity,” or even the perception of preferential treatment, would stand in stark contrast to the military’s “ethic of fair and equal treatment.”

The report went on to say this was primarily a concern if it was done “simultaneously with repeal” — though it didn’t say why it would stop being unequal treatment if it was implemented some time after repeal.

To summarize, consistent with the prior discussion, a Department of Defense review in 2010 said creating positions “reserved only for same-sex relationships” violates the military’s policies on “fair and equal treatment.”

The FRC says that is precisely what the DoD is now doing — to seemingly no criticism from the public or groups that claim to support “equal rights.”


One comment

  • This article by Family Research Council is the real discriminatory act. As modern science knows, Homosexuality is a naturally occuring state which is no different than heterosexuality. It is not a disease or lifestyle choice and it cannot be “cured” by prayer.

    It is the 21st century and religion must come into it and shed the false doctrines that create bigotry. Gays and Lesbians do not choose their sexual orientation. Therefore it is futile for bigoted Christians to keep the false premise alive in misplaced religious tenets and institutional discrimination. Just as racial bigotry had to be crushed by law in the 60’s, so does the law need to protect Gays and Lebians today.

    Accommodating Gays and Lesbians with equal treatment under the law is not giving special rights to them. It is guaranteeing EQUAL RIGHTS to them.

    Time for you Dominion Christians and other drooling bigots to crawl back under your rocks.

    And it’s also time for you decent peaceable Christians to tell your dominionist friends that they are doing Christianity a disservice. These are not Christians. They are the end result of years of building a master race much like the Nazis did. The Nazis called these Super Aryans “Mensch.” We call them DominionChristians, who seek to dominate America and install a Christian Theocracy and replace our Constitution with Biblical Law. Just as the “Mensch” were racist misogynists, so are the Dominion Christians. Dominionism must be rooted out along with Islamic extremism and right wing Judaism.

    Whenever somebody wants to control your life with their religion….it’s time to fight back.