Answering Michael Weinstein: Why It Matters

An advocate of Michael Weinstein’s MRFF recently said [emphasis added]:

Consider the fact…General Mark A. Welsh III, Chief of Staff, United States Air Force, responded personally and immediately to Mikey Weinstein.

If the issue were not legitimateI rather doubt General Walsh [sic] would have bothered. Of course, that’s why he’s a general…

Rightly or wrongly, when Michael Weinstein is given special access to military leaders, it appears to grant credibility to his cause.

Treat him like everybody else — the “little people” who are forced to use normal channels — and Weinstein loses his ability to grandstand, and with it, the wind from his sails.  He doesn’t have the patience for such treatment, and he sulks away.

Just ask USAFA.

Actually, it looks like somebody did