Weinstein Delivers Ultimatum, Might Buy Billboard

In a terribly awkward PR maneuver, religious liberty critic Michael Weinstein — rebuffed by the US Air Force Chief of Staff — has now retreated to attacking the Air Force Academy directly over its link to a website that explains a Jewish holiday:

“MRFF is now making a specific demand to [Lt. Gen.] Mike Gould, the superintendent, to take down the link,” Weinstein says…

But Weinstein already complained to Gen Gould’s boss — and his boss cc’d Gen Gould on the reply to Weinstein.  And guess what?  Nothing has changed.  So why does Weinstein think this latest screed changes anything?

Regardless, Weinstein raised the stakes to show he meant business: 

Weinstein says if his demands are not met by 5:30 p.m. Thursday, his organization will take action.

The CSIndy reporter almost seemed to be stifling a laugh as he hazarded a guess as to what draconian action Weinstein might take [emphasis added]:

[Weinstein] refused to explain what that meant, but in the past, MRFF has advertised its causes on billboards.

The deadline has already passed.  Cover your kids’ eyes, folks, Weinstein might be buying a billboard…

Weinstein is trying — poorly, to this point — to manage the stage.  When Gen Welsh, the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, personally responded to Weinstein’s initial demand, Weinstein lost control of the narrative.  Switching to Gen Gould and adding a vague ultimatum was just Weinstein trying to reassert control.  Childish, but predictable.

Weinstein may have overplayed his hand, however.  His latest complaint ensured General Welsh got to hear directly from Lt General Gould — someone with a long (and successful) history dealing with Weinstein’s agitation.

It seems Weinstein might have overstayed his welcome even faster than anticipated.