Christian Pastor Jailed as National Security Threat

Think it can’t happen here?

Saeed Abedini is the Christian pastor who has been jailed for “threatening the national security of Iran.”

Saeed Abedini, 32, was in Iran last summer to finish building an orphanage when members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard took him away in a bus for prison. He has been held captive and reportedly beaten and tortured since September.

Abedini, a naturalized US citizen, was 

sentenced to eight years in a notoriously harsh Iranian prison Sunday (Jan. 27) for “threatening the national security of Iran” by planting Christian house churches.

You know, there’s actually an American charity that claims Christianity is a “national security threat” — none other than Michael Weinstein’s “Military Religious Freedom Foundation.”

It seems Weinstein’s values are more in line with the religious extremists of Iran than the US Constitution.