Huckabee and the Christian Response to an Ungodly World

Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was recently invited to deliver the convocation at Liberty University.  He spoke on the state of the culture in America — and noted the state of the world wasn’t merely because ungodly people have said “yes” to ungodly things, but also because Christians have not stood up to say no:

Godly people have failed to say no to the ungodly things.  Culture is moving away from godly values that it is almost unrecognizable from what it once was.

He issued a challenge to live out loud for Christ: 

Are you willing to be hated?  Are you willing to be despised? Are you willing to take the kind of stand that will not make you popular?

This continues a long-running theme for Huckabee.  Just last month he similarly addressed the relationship between culture and faith [emphasis added]:

What we have is a sin problem. And since we’ve ordered God out of our schools and communities; the military and public conversations, you know, we really shouldn’t act so surprised when all hell breaks loose.

The full half-hour convocation is worth the listen.

As noted at the Christian Post.



  • I think Huckabee is a standup guy. Liberty is a great school. They are unashamed of Christ and center their educational degree programs with that in mind. They are also very military friendly, I am taking my second course through them working on a BA degree. I am very impressed on their steadfastness to Christ, military outreach and emphasis on quality Christian oriented education.

  • “Christians have not stood up to say no” There’s this myth that Christians are passive by nature, and that their good-heartedness is taken advantage of by a jaded secular culture. It’s the sort of thing you can only accept as true if you’ve already given up on evidence-based reasoning.