Fisher House Benefits from President Bush’s $300K F-150

Whatever one may think of his politics, it is difficult to doubt former President George W. Bush’s sincerity when it comes to his love for US troops.  In fact, his role as commander in chief and his ability to interact with members of the US military are the only things he says he misses about being the US President.

He has continued to serve projects that benefit wounded warriors, and he was even the first to (quietly) visit the victims and families after the massacre at Fort Hood.

This past weekend, he sold his 2009 Ford F-150 — reportedly, a $28,000 car — for $300,000 in an auction to benefit the Fisher House.

In an interesting comparison, a 1958 Chevy Corvette — one of only 9,100 ever made — at the same auction brought in “only” $270,000, which benefited for Habitat for Humanity.

Picture from Barrett-Jackson auction house, via FoxNews.