Mali Militants Fight Off Crusaders, Religious Freedom

The French are reportedly entering what could be one of their most significant military operations in some years.¬† They are assisting their former colony, the African country of Mali, in a fight against “Islamist militants.”

Mali is being joined by France…as it tries to beat back advances by forces linked to al Qaeda…

“Every means was used in fighting the Islamists, including two attack helicopters. They sent the Islamists fleeing,” Kone told CNN. “This shows that the Malian army is capable to fight.”


Sanda Abou Moahmed, a spokesman for the main rebel Ansar Dine group, mocked the Malian president for calling French troops into their former colony.

“While Dioncounda Traore asked for help from France, we ask for guidance from Allah and from other Muslims in our sub-region because this war has become a war against the crusaders,” he said by telephone from Timbuktu.

With indications the US military might be aiding the French “crusaders,” this potential conflict may soon raise the ire of religious freedom critic Michael Weinstein, whose MRFF routinely claims¬†Christians are trying to take over the world by way of becoming “crusaders” in the US military.

Weinstein has previously taken positions that indicate he believes the offense of the extremists is the standard by which peoples’ liberties should be governed.¬† For example, Weinstein berated US Marines who were baptized on a beach because it might hurt the bad men’s feelings.

By Weinstein’s logic, and that of his “charitable” MRFF, the Mali nationalists must have done something wrong if the extremists think they’re “crusaders.”

That is Michael Weinstein’s view of “religious freedom.”