US Military Chaplains, Needed and Serving

A quick article local to Fort Campbell notes the vast religious support structure provided to Army Soldiers at the sprawling base, as well as the troops’ demand for it:

There are over 50 chaplains and 50 chaplain assistants at Fort Campbell…There are seven chapels on post…

In addition to Catholic services, there are Protestant services for those who are Baptist, Presbyterian, United Methodist, Episcopal, Church of Christ, Assembly of God and other Protestant traditions, as well as non-denominational Christian services.

Pentecostal services are also available, and services are offered for Greek Orthodox, Jews, Muslims, two separate Samoan congregations and even pagans.

While a few critics have questioned the usefulness of chaplains while stateside, the article notes 1500 people attend weekly Sunday services — not an insignificant number.

It is evident at Fort Campbell that US military chaplains are needed — and they’re meeting a wide variety of needs in their support of the Constitutionally protected religious freedoms of the troops they serve.