Report: Chaplain Appointed Illinois Adjutant General

According to the Chicago Tribune, Governor Pat Quinn has appointed Chaplain (MajGen) Daniel Krumrei the Adjutant General of the Illinois National Guard.  The Adjutant General (TAG) acts as the commander of the state’s Guard forces and reports directly to the Governor.

On one hand, it is fascinating to see a chaplain rise to such a position.

On the other hand, his appointment is a bit confusing and seems hard to square with military regulations.

Under Title 10, which governs the national armed forces, chaplains have, by definition, rank without command.  Thus, by law, a chaplain cannot command military units (like, say, the 13,000 member Illinois National Guard).

Technically, the National Guard falls under Title 32, which gives leeway to the states, including in determining the qualifications of TAG.  However, if the National Guard is Federally activated, then they would likely operate under Title 10.  In an awkward outcome, that could potentially mean Chaplain Krumrei would not be (Federally) recognized as the commander of his own troops.

The intricacies were probably worked out before his appointment, though it seems a bit unusual from an outside perspective.


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