Lawyers Claim Vindication in Army Firing over Islam

The Thomas More Law Center represents LtCol Matthew Dooley, the Joint Services Staff College instructor who was removed from his position following complaints about a class he taught entitled “Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism.”  Richard Thompson, president of the TMLC, now says it has

obtained an official communication that vindicates their client. 

“In December 2011, the vice president of the National Defense University, a Dr. Brenda Roth, officially confirmed in writing to the Pentagon that all the course materials that were being taught at the National Defense University were vetted and approved by the university and its military command…”

This is “proof” of what was already posited when the issue first came to light:  LtCol Dooley’s course was not some rogue, left-field venture by a deranged bigot.  For better or worse, it was an official curriculum event “vetted and approved” by his chain of command (or, at least someone claimed they’d vetted all their courses).

The situation does seem a bit odd, then, since LtCol Dooley was publicly (and specifically) berated by the Secretary of Defense, removed “for cause,” and received a negative evaluation — treatment apparently only he received.  While every individual bears responsibility for their own actions, if an individual’s conduct has been either explicitly or implicitly approved by his leadership, then that individual could reasonably conclude his conduct was consistent with military guidelines — or, at least, he wouldn’t be the only one to hang if it wasn’t.

Unfortunately, it seems the TMLC isn’t content to focus on the merits of LtCol Dooley’s treatment:

Thompson says the bottom line is that President Barack Obama, the commander-in-chief, is pro-Islam.

“The Pentagon is now doing his bidding,” he points out. “And his bidding is there is to be no negative aspect of the religion of Islam or the political ideology of Islam that he is not ready to embrace or which is a concern of national security.”

That’s not helpful.  Even if it were true, the TMLC would still have to prove the actions taken against LtCol Dooley were somehow improper, which should be demonstrable on the merits alone.  For example, the TMLC has said the National Defense University violated its own policies when it dismissed LtCol Dooley, something that can be articulated stoically.  Indicting the President in an apparent conspiracy theory only undermines their credibility.

For his part, LtCol Dooley has stayed silent, as is likely required by his status.

For their part, Michael Weinstein and his MRFF have gleefully gloated over their role in essentially ending the LtCol’s career.  Dooley’s firing does not serve religious freedom, of course, but Weinstein pinned the event on Christianity, calling for Dooley’s dismissal and saying the US military needs to

purg[e] itself of exceptionalist, Christian supremacist, and sociopathic ideologies…

That the general public has no idea what Dooley’s religious faith may be, or if he even has one, is irrelevant to Weinstein — who has made a living assigning religious titles to those with whom he disagrees.  That he was potentially fired over a caricature, and not truth, is also irrelevant to Weinstein.  Michael Weinstein doesn’t care about the specifics of who said what, nor does he care about religious liberty.

Weinstein is just reveling in the thought that, from his perspective, he said “jump” and someone in the US government asked, “how high?”