CSAF General Welsh Ends Air Force Blues Mondays

Prepare to hang up those polyester pants, ladies and gentlemen.

As reported in the Air Force Times, Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Mark Welsh “decided not to renew” the Air Force-wide “blues Mondays” instituted by his predecessor, Gen Schwartz (a widely-panned decision noted even in the infamous Dear Boss letter).  This means the authority for the uniform policy reverts to the MAJCOM, rather than HQ Air Force, level:

Accordingly, both Air Force Space Command and Air Force Special Operations Command have ended Blues Mondays. Other major commands, when contacted by Air Force Times, had not yet heard of the change. But it will be up to commanders of each major command to decide whether to continue or rescind the policy.

The policy was not “renewed” each year, so it is not entirely clear what the Air Force Times meant by that phrasing.  Schwartz’s policy was created by a 2008 memorandum.  However, updating command policies with the current commander’s endorsement is common practice.  Potentially, Gen Welsh was presented with the opportunity to update the memorandum with his signature and declined, effectively ending the policy.

Gen Welsh is widely respected for his leadership style — which is not known for micromanagement.  In that regard, a Chief of Staff dictum on uniform wear didn’t fit.

One wonders if other Service-wide policies might similarly fall by the wayside.

Did you know there’s a Chief of Staff regulation telling Airmen to keep their house clean?